P   A   U   L   A        J   O   H   N   S     ~    R  E  V  I   E  W  S

What the critics are saying...


What her fans are saying...

“Paula Johns delights local audiences in The Virgin Islands…Not only does she have a great sense of humor, she can make you cry as you listen to “P.S. I Love You” or “It Had To Be You”. 
— The Island Trader, Christina Tarantola

“Paula brings an “up-to-date” breathe of fresh air to this orchestra for which she blends beautifully.
— Home News Tribune, William T. Piostrowski

“Her voice sports a wider vibrato than I usually like, but her glowing tone, unaffected projection, lilting phrasing, clean diction and rhythmic vitality more than compensated - and, I hasten to add, Johns was never in anything less than complete control of the vibrato, and she employed it expressively to communicate the obvious and not-so obvious meanings of the lyrics.” 
—Chestnut Hill Press, Michael Caruso


I was surprised at her “Great Ladies of Song “ show when she introduced a new character….Miss Nina Simone.  I was blown away when Paula actually sat down at the piano and played  “Four Woman” as Nina did.  Paula said she would never play piano in public, but she did and she was FANTASTIC!
—Valerie Holmes-Briggs

She really knows how to bring you into the song and to make you actually believe she is/or has experienced what she sings about.  And she always makes you remember that experience too….good or bad.   What a treat! 
—Bartram Quinlan



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