P   A   U   L   A        J   O   H   N   S     ~    A  C  T  R  E  S  S  

     Paula, along with radio personality Bob Perkins of WRTI-FM Radio, and jazz pianist/recording artist Dennis Fortune, of FortuneVinsonCruse have written a show together called, "The Great African-American Ladies of Song" .

      In this show, as you can see from the pictures, Paula captures each one of their personalities in fashion (quick-change artist) as well as style and song.

     • In Bessie Smith, she captures the playfulness and the raw side of the first lady of the blues.
     • With Billie Holiday, the agony and pain of Lady Day.
     • In Marian Anderson, the pride and regal stature of a phenomenal woman
     • With Aretha Franklin, she captures that “Queen of Soul”
Diva-like attitude. 

 And this is all done while telling their individual stories.


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